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Macdonald’s are closing at least 1 store somewhere in the world every week, KFC’s profits have plummeted. Are we finally becoming savvy about what we are actually eating and what chemicals/fillers/hormones etc are added to our food? With programmes airing in the UK such as Food Unwrapped which identifies problem foods and whats actually in the foods we place into our greedy mouths – it’s no wonder that we are becoming better educated about our foods. Think about it – We are a nation of poor health, numbers of cancer and diabetes deaths are increasing year on year. Is it really that hard to distinguish why?

Back in the caveman days, chemical additives didn’t exist. Our bodies were not designed to be ploughed full of synthetic chemicals, sugars and other. They are obviously dangerous for us yet we choose to still have them – but, is this because its so hard to source food that is real, genuine and 99% chemical free? Especially fast food? We believe so. Fast food is often ploughed full of preservatives hence why you can leave a Macdonalds burger out on display for years and years and it still looks pretty similar to the day you first placed it there. Dirty chemicals such as MSG are often added to foods to ‘enhance’ taste. Hydrogenated fats are often created or added to foods – this is the worst type of fat for our bodies. Some fast food outlets state you are eating ‘100% beef’ that means no chicken, no horse – it doesn’t mean that 50% of that patty could be synthetic and made of chemicals.

How on earth they are allowed to do this in this day and age and ‘trick’ us is beyond me. Even food we buy in the supermarkets ‘sweet potato mash ready made’ – look at the back of the packet and you see a whole flurry of additives and chemicals, is this really so necessary? – I suppose it is if the food isn’t fresh. So yes, we go ahead and buy this and add it to our Sunday dinner – along with every other pre-chopped and convenient packed food laced with chems.

Health and fitness fanatics are on the increase, Crossfit is the new craze – gyms are popping up everywhere especially well priced and affordable gyms such as Pure Gym Group which is making the overall gym experience available to everyone because of its convenience and pricing. Its now sociable AND affordable to go to the gym however – who wants macdonalds straight after a gym beasting?

Now without selling us too much – This is why we set up Kettlebell Kitchen, a convenient place to take out or a funky place full of vibes to eat in. Whichever you chose. Straight after the gym – get some healthy, CLEAN and FAST food inside of you. Our food is nutritious, our sauces are made on site, fresh, chemical and additive free. NO sugars are added to our food or sauces, we only use Himalayan natural pink salt, we use honey and prunes to sweeten sauces where we need to. We display as much macro nutrient content as we can to you know what you’re eating. We use whole foods where we can, we offer fresh meal prep with NO freezing which can ruin the genetic and nutritional content of foods. We keep it real, our prices are higher because they have to be – our meat is grass fed and NOT manipulated or filled with any fillers. The meat you’re eating is genuine, good meat. Our gluten free pizzas range from 650 calories to 750, a stark contrast to a Pizza Hut margarita which sits at a staggering 2222 calories!

We are on a mission to change the fast food industry, Kettlebell is needed within every city – and that’s our immediate goal. Lets change the way people eat and therefore improve health. Competition? Yes please – the most people/businesses we have taking on this methodology then the better the chance of changing the foods we are eating permanently. We want to work with ‘competitors’ not against. Lets join together and change the world of eating forever!

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