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Clean eating is a hot topic at the moment, with more and more people watching what they eat and cutting down on processed carbohydrates and sugar.

Permanently cutting foods out which you enjoy would be the incorrect way of doing things- this may come as a surprise to some, but there are a number of reasons why this method will NOT work and you will just result to breaking the rules and cheating. It is not realistic to cut out carbohydrates completely. Having a cheat meal once a week can actually help you to lose fat quicker by kick starting your metabolism. This acts as a re-feed! After a tough week of training; your glycogen store will be low and re-feeding will help you to build muscle and encourage you to keep training hard.

A common problem I find with my clients is that they take their ‘cheat meals’ too far, a cheat meal turns into a cheat day, which turns into a cheat weekend.

Clean cheating is the key; I teach my clients to enjoy their cheat but not to go over-board, eating 3 deserts is taking it too far! So I like to set a few rules when cheating:

  • Your cheat meal should be around every 7 days, if you want to make it more infrequent than that, once every two weeks or just on a special occasion is fine
  • Try to have a good serving of protein
  • Make sure it’s meal and not a day
  • Try your best to train on the day that you cheat
  • Stick to paleo carbohydrates if possible (these are complex carbs like sweet potatoes and wild rice)

Kettlebell kitchen are a new healthy eating restaurant based in Manchester City Centre and have some great clean cheating choices. This helps you to keep your food exciting and feels like you are still enjoying the treats you love, without all the processed rubbish, the high calories and saturated fats.

Protein pizza– I personally love Pizza! This is a healthier option for pizza lovers. The Buff BBQ pizza gives you 35g of protein and 100g of carbs and it is gluten free, ideal for post workout if looking to build muscle.

Chicken waffle burger- This unique burger has two protein waffles with a chicken breast inside and a low sugar chilli sauce. It tastes amazing! Giving you 45g of protein and 17.5g of carbs.

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